Our Mission Statement

West Coast Financial serves a limited number of qualified individuals and concentrate our practice on personalized comprehensive fee-only wealth management that helps our clients accumulate, grow, protect, enjoy and transfer their wealth, and in the process alleviates their concerns about money so that they can focus on other things in life, such as family, friends, career, physical health, spirituality and the pursuit of happiness.

About West Coast Financial

West Coast Financial offers independent, fee-only wealth management and financial advisory services. At the core of our practice is a deep desire to help others navigate and solve problems that intersect their finances. The firm was founded over 30 years ago in Santa Barbara, California. Over the past several years, we have expanded our professional team to provide comprehensive, highly personalized services to a growing client base. While our roots are in Santa Barbara, we currently serve high net worth clients throughout California and in various cities across the country.

Our Team

West Coast Financial
1525 State Street, Suite 104
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Telephone (805) 962-9131 / (877) 903-8930 . Facsimile (805) 962-4290 / (877) 486-1729

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