Messy Truth.

The financial services industry is broken. Rather than respect, it too often patronizes. Rather than clarify, it complicates. Rather than empathetic, it’s self interested. 

The root of the problem is that the financial services industry has grown to focus more on its own success than on the people it’s supposed to serve. It doesn’t ask the right questions. It avoids messy truths and doesn’t help anyone achieve what most everyone is hoping for: a happier and more fulfilled life with less worry and doubt.

Instead, many people feel confused, unintelligent and worried about their financial futures. This bothers us because it can be different. We’ve built our organization to be the antidote, a cure rooted in establishing a truer and enduring connection that removes artificial barriers and relationships.

People can expect a higher standard from us. We insist on more from ourselves and from the people we serve. That, to us, is what it means to truly care. 

At West Coast Financial, to care is the beginning of service. To serve someone, we must know them.  We share time and we are inquisitive and observant. That’s how the truth is discovered. Some people are uncomfortable with questions that get too close to the truth. That’s okay. We help each other through it. Because it’s important and we’re going to be together for a long time. It’s a relationship. We will chart our course together.

About West Coast Financial

West Coast Financial offers independent, fee-only wealth management and financial advisory services. At the core of our practice is a deep desire to help others navigate and solve problems that intersect their finances. The firm was founded over 30 years ago in Santa Barbara, California. Over the past several years, we have expanded our professional team to provide comprehensive, highly personalized services to a growing client base. While our roots are in Santa Barbara, we currently serve high net worth clients throughout California and in various cities across the country.

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