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Retirement Planning Is Our Specialty

Smart Retirement Planning Brings Peace Of Mind

WCF’s “Financial Planning Analysis” is an in-depth cash flow analysis based on the specifics of your situation in light of your actual lifestyle and aspirations. We clarify your Personal Balance Sheet and then provide analysis and scenarios based on key assumptions and projections.

The Basics of Smart Retirement Planning

Here Are Some Key Components Of Smart Retirement Planning - circle popup app

Tax Planning

What is it: Minimizing your tax liability via clarity about your situation and objectives.

Why we do it: We believe in paying our fair share of taxes, but don’t want our clients to pay more than they need to. Through our retirement planning work, we can identify tax planning opportunities for employees and business owners to help reduce the amount they pay in taxes and increase the amount they can allocate to their lifestyle or retirement savings.

Cash Flow Planning

What is it: We employ a robust model that looks at your sources of cash flow, and your annual expenses. We use detailed calculations to project these figures into the future.

Why we do it: An understanding of your cash flow provides context for decision making and provides an overview of the impact of your actions over time. When can I retire? What standard of living can I retire to? How much do I need to save? Our cash flow planning tool addresses all of these questions.  We can show you the trade-offs between retiring sooner and the standard of living you can support throughout your lifetime.

Portfolio Management

What is it: Our objective is to make sure your asset allocation aligns with your goals and objectives, and that your portfolio is a reliable source of distribution for your living expenses.

Why we do it: It reduces stress and ensures you have the funds you need when you need them. It helps ensure that your funds will last through your lifetime, and that you won’t have to make tougher decisions down the road (all while reducing income taxes).

Roth Conversions

What it is: Utilizing Roth IRAs to maximize retirement returns and minimize taxes.

Why we do it:  While Roth conversions makes sense in several scenarios, we typically implement this strategy in the years after retirement and before required minimum distributions begin. We help make the most of this window of time to accelerate retirement account withdrawals and achieve lower income tax rates than what you would be pay on future withdrawals.  This lowers your future required minimum distributions, reduces your lifetime income tax liability, and establishes a tax-free account that can be integrated into your cash planning needs or estate planning goals.

Savings Allocation

What is it: Smart allocation of your excess cash flow.

Why we do it: Your saving can be further enhanced by where you keep your savings. Different types of accounts have different tax benefits. Maximizing those benefits for your income level can reduce income taxes and increase your retirement savings.

Whether planning for the day you stop working or ensuring your current path is sustainable, our unique process is designed to produce a smart and customized financial plan so you can live your best possible life.