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Do You Belong On Our Team?

Here Are Three Essential Traits For Being Happy At WCF

1) You naturally serve others.

At WCF, service isn’t a means to an end. It’s not done as a marketing tactic. Here our sincere connection with clients and the other professionals we collaborate with comes from a deep commitment to serving others. We do it because it’s part of who we are. Yet it’s not purely altruistic. We love how it makes us feel. We do the work for the work’s sake.  It is its own reward. For those that do not have this essential commitment to service, WCF can feel like a strange place. 

How this manifests at WCF:

We measure success in terms of impact – plans created, problems solved, hugs received, lives changed… Our AUM, revenue, and profit are important, but they are not what we are most proud of and not the stories we celebrate.

We proceed in confidence each day knowing those we work alongside are here because they are talented and intent on helping others. We can count on them. They can count on us.

2) You check your ego at the door.

We are a collection of incredibly talented individuals. Yet no individual is more formidable than our talented and focused team. Team approaches sound nice. In reality, they’re hard work. Because, in reality, “collaboration” means not doing it exactly the way you personally think it should be done. It means allowing for your own blind spots. It sometimes means allowing your teammate to lead, even when you think you have a better idea. We learn and we grow together. It takes respect for others, admission of our own limitations, and humility. There are wonderful rewards…better decision-making, deep bonds with teammates, and amazing accomplishments through collective efforts. Some people find our brand of collaboration uncomfortable. They probably wouldn’t be happy here.

How this manifests at WCF:

We have collective goals that drive collective compensation incentive plans…we are all tied together in aiming for and achieving collective quarterly goals. 

We have meetings.  We are always working to make them better and more effective.  We are committed to collaboration at the core of our work.

Everyone is invited to give input. Everyone is expected to give input. Responsibility is distributed far more widely at WCF than at many other companies.

3) You like loving what you do.

For some, work is a means to an end.  It provides material needs, security, shelter, perhaps wealth or retirement security, etc.  At WCF we believe that work is far too much of your life to simply be a means to an end.  We believe work isn’t something you tolerate, deferring your true passions for later.  We believe the superior life is a life lived in pursuit of things you are passionate about and enjoy.  As someone once said…find a career you love and you never work a day in your life. This stands in stark contrast to traditional concepts like “work/life balance”. Balance is a wonderful concept. Balance among things you care deeply about is healthy. Why should your work be a lesser passion to be balanced against “real” passions. It will stand among your highest pursuits in life. If you do not feel this way, you’re not alone. But you may not be a great fit for us. 

How this manifests at WCF:

We are deeply committed to the personal and professional development of our people.

We openly discuss passions, dreams, and vision of each of our teammates. We want people to reach their full potential in every aspect of their lives and we stand ready to help them do it.

Do you share the traits of our WCF team? If so, let’s talk.